The Chef Jean-Luc Boulay

Originally from France, Jean-Luc Boulay had already acquired a solid background as a chef and as a patissier. In 1976 he pursued a career in Quebec City and a few years later he created Le Saint Amour with his associate, Jacques Fortier, in old Quebec City. Over the years Le Saint Amour has been repeatedly honoured and is recognised as one of best fine dining restaurants in Quebec and Canada specialising in local products such as foie gras. In April 2012 Jean-Luc Boulay opened his latest restaurant, Chez Boulay-Bistro Boreal, with Arnaud Marchand. During his professional journey Jean-Luc Boulay has participated in over fifty advanced training courses throughout Europe such as l’école Nôtre et Bellouet Conseil à Paris. He was also privileged to represent the culinary arts of Quebec in Belgium, Japan, Malaysia, Italy, Martinique, Whistler and at the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada. In recent years he has participated in a number of works on cooking including:


  • Master chef of France
  • Permanent Judge for the cooking show ‘Les Chefs’ 2010 to 2014
  • Max-Rupp Prize 2014
  • Bernard Etienne Prize 2013
  • Renaud Cyr 2012
  • Governor general's award in celebration of Nation's Table 2010
  • Chef of the year in 2002 of (National) Quebec, named by La Société des Chefs Cuisiniers et Pâtissiers du Québec (SCCPQ)
  • Chef of the year in 2002 of the Quebec Chapter (SCCPQ)
  • Chef of the year in 2001 of the Quebec Chapter ( SCCPQ)
  • Chef of the year in 2000 of the Quebec Chapter ( SCCPQ)
  • Prestigious Chef at the 12th Official Gala of the Restoration of Quebec
  • Disciple des disciples d’Auguste Escoffier by the brigade of Quebec in 2001
  • Member of the Circle " La Louche d’Or " des Marmitons of Québec city


(École LENÔTRE, Paris, France)

  • 1997 - Meals for Buffets Prestige
  • 1996 - Desserts on plate
  • 1995 - Meats and Poultry according to Joël Robuchon
  • 1994 - Breads and pastries for restaurants
  • 1993 - Sweets and new Pastries
  • 1992 - Fishes on plate
  • 1990 - New techniques of cooking (kitchen)
  • 1989 - Entered on plates according to Joël Robuchon
  • 1989 - Desserts restoration (catering)
  • 1988 - Games and gastronomy
  • 1987 - Le chef represents Quebec:
  • at the semaine gastronomique to Namur ( Belgium)
  • at the Quebec Culinary Festival in Tokyo (Japan)
  • at the Festival of Singapore - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Participation in various culinary (shows) Inter sucre, SIAL Paris - Montreal - Toronto - Chicago New York - Singapore - Tokyo

La Brigade

François Hughes

  • Executive chef
  • Sous-Chef since 2015
  • Professional cooking diploma
  • Fierbourg professional training centre since 2008
  • Red seal holder for the cuisine

Nicolas Morin

  • Assistant chef since 2009
  • Red seal holder for the cuisine

Émeline Péro

  • Assistant chef since 2015
  • First place at Saputo junior contest 2016
  • Art de la table et du service BTS diploma, 2014

Éric Lessard

  • Head Pastry Chef since 2005
  • Named by the Société of Chefs, Cooks and Pastry chefs of Quebec (SCCPQ)as the National (Quebec) Pastry chef of the year 2013,
  • Pastry Chef of the year 2012 Quebec Chapter (SCCPQ)
  • Pastry Chef of the year 2011 Quebec Chapter (SCCPQ)
  • Silver Medal 2006 apprentice chefs and pastry chefs (SCCPQ)

Ariel Ramirez

  • Assistant chef since 1995
  • Red seal holder for the cuisine

Rigorous Perseverance

Perseverance incites us to innovate and to surpass ourselves. Rigor is the strength that leads us to excellence. Having been formed in the best culinary schools, Chef Jean Luc Boulay and his brigade are not afraid to constantly renew and improve themselves while performing their art. Driven by a desire to continuously offer the best in fine dining, the Chef and his brigade travel around the world to learn and share with the best in competition and in training. At the Saint-Amour, our goal is to maintain our professionalism, with a remarkable constancy.

Exciting creativity

Creativity, is of course, a question of mastery and instinct. However a creation is perfect only if it comes from deep within the heart. This is precisely how the Chef and each member of his brigade approach their trade. The Saint-Amour is home to talented people who draw on their passion to create and surprise with their originality. Constantly presented by Chef Jean-Luc Boulay, this gourmet passion finds its meaning in the beauty of colours, the joy of flavours, the delicacy of textures and the pleasure of perfumes.

Impeccable freshness

Without any doubt, quality and freshness must be impeccable. The Chef and his brigade take great care in choosing their suppliers according to the highly specific requirements of the Saint-Amour. At the Saint-Amour, we perpetuate a philosophy of great respect towards the local producers who share our passion for refined and healthy products. Our producers are trustworthy partners and their farms form part of our inspiration.